San Antonio R.F.C. has partnered with Pear to bring sponsorship opportunities to you.

How Pear works

Pear makes sponsorship easy for groups and teams. Take home up to $1,000 for your group's next apparel purchase courtesy of our brand apparel sponsors.

Sponsorship for all kinds of groups and events

1. Find the perfect sponsor

Choose from sponsors offering funding for Custom shirts, Cash donations, Food & catering or Products & services and create your own Pear page in minutes.

2. Activate your community

Rally your group and supporters to join your Pear and earn money by connecting with your sponsor online. Earning sponsorship dollars is easy, fun, and free!

3. Receive your award

The more supporters who join in, the more funding your group receives. Awards are easy to redeem. No long waiting periods or rebate forms. Funding for custom shirts/apparel can be used when ordering at our partner printers.

Harness the power of your community.

Pear is about raising money for the things your group or event by connecting with your sponsor online. Our simple sharing tools make spreading the word and telling your group's story online and off easy. The more people you reach and inspire to join in, the greater your group's award. All ways for friends to support your group or event are quick, easy and free.

Finding the perfect sponsor has never been easier

Some programs are open to all kinds of groups and events, while others are only open to groups that qualify. Tell us a bit about your group or event and choose from sponsors that fit. To get exactly what you're looking for you can sort sponsorships by award type.

``The funds we have raised through our Pear sponsorships will provide uniforms for multiple OWLS inner-city school sites! Pear has been a tremendous vehicle for sponsorship.``

Sam A.
DePaul Lacrosse

``Mended Little Hearts of Chicago has been loving Pear so far! Looking forward to doing many more sponsorships!``

Jessica R.
Mended Little Hearts/March for Babies

``As a club President, having great ideas from members yet no resources is extremely frustrating. Luckily, Pear and Wheat Thins gave us the opportunity to make T-shirts!``

Melissa G.
Loyola Rambler Rowdies

Simple, easy, and 100% free to use!